A massive DC omnibus will span Jack Kirby’s varied Bronze Age comics. DC Universe: The Bronze Age Omnibus by Jack Kirby is a 1,472-page hardcover that will be on sale July 24. The MSRP for the massive tome is $150.

The Bronze Age Omnibus by Jack Kirby collects Kirby’s work for DC during the 1970s and 1980s, including superhero tales, war stories based on his own experiences, the first appearances of Demon and OMAC, and more. The volume collects stories from In the Days of the Mob #1, Spirit World #1, The Demon #1-16, The Sandman #1-6, OMAC #1-8, Our Fighting Forces #151-162, Super Powers #1-5 (1984), Super Powers #1-6 (1985), 1st Issue Special #1, 5, and 6, DC Comics Presents #84, Richard Dragon, Kung Fu Fighter #3, Weird Mystery Tales #1-3, and Forbidden Tales of Dark Mansion #6.

DC has a few omnibuses on the calendar for 2019, including a collection of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (see “'The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Jubilee Edition HC'”), Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang’s run on Wonder Woman (see “Wonder Woman's Entire 'New 52' Story Collected”), and Batman: The Hush Saga (see “'Batman: The Hush Saga Omnibus' HC”).