WizKids will release K’uh Nah (Mayan for divine house), a push-your-luck game where players attempt to build the most impressive pyramid. Release is planned for March.

Designed by Adam E. Daulton (Ninja Camp), players attempt to build the most esthetically pleasing pyramid by constructing with blocks they want and discarding the ones they don’t. A heavier block must always be placed below a lighter block, unless the player can match the icons on the blocks. Each card has two icons and a number, and if none of the cards available match a player’s needs, they must put a jade token on a card. (If they are out of jade tokens, then they must take a card). At the end of the game, players add of the value of their leftover cards minus the jade tokens still in their possession. The lowest score wins.

The box includes 50 cards (2 copies of each number 6 -30), 48 jade tokens, and a rulebook. The game is for 2 – 6 players, ages 14 and up, and plays in 20 minutes. MSRP is $19.99.