Steve Jackson Games and Studio Foglio have announced an expansion for the Munchkin Steampunk Girl Genius Deluxe game, originally released in 2015 (see "Hobby Exclusive ‘Munchkin Steampunk Deluxe’").  The game is a crossover between Steve Jackson’s Munchkin card game and Phil and Kaja Foglio’s long-running Girl Genius steampunk webcomic.  Foglio is providing the art for the expansion, which includes Agatha, along with her friends and foes, plus rules for becoming a Spark and using Mad Science to improve Items to destroy foes, grab their Stuff, and win.

The 56-card tuck box expansion includes 25 Treasure Cards, 31 Door Cards, and 24 Tokens.  The base game is required to play.

The project has funded on Kickstarter, raising around $60,000 as this is written, from 1,303 backers ($45.91 per backer), with 11 days to go.

The Kickstarter is offering a retailer level.  Kickstarter delivery is planned for August 2019.

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