Wizards of the Coast has announced a collection of full-color tactical poster maps from some classic Dungeons & Dragons adventures for February.  Dungeons & Dragons Tactical Maps Reincarnated includes 20 full-color poster maps, each with a 1-inch grid for miniature play.  Adventures for which maps are included in the collection include:

  • Tomb of Horrors (4E)
  • Vor Rukoth (4E)
  • Demon Queen's Enclave (4E)
  • Death's Reach (4E)
  • The Book of Vile Darkness (4E)
  • Kingdom of the Ghouls (4E)
  • Dungeon Master's Kit (4E)
  • Orcs of Stonefang Pass (4E)
  • Fields of Ruin (3E)
  • Gargantuan Blue Dragon (3E)
  • Vaults of the Underdark (4E)
  • Legend of Drizzt Scenario Pack (3E)
  • Colossal Red Dragon (3E) 
  • Red Hand of Doom (3E)

Size of the maps was not revealed, but an indication can be gained from the image.

Click Gallery below for full-size images!