Fans of Games Workshop’s Necromunda will soon get access to two books that gather together all of the rules and updates since the game’s release:  The Necromunda Rulebook and Necromunda:  Gangs of the Underhive.

The Necromunda Rulebook features all of the core rules in a single 192-page hardcover book, including all current errata, updated rules and FAQs, and content previously available only in the four volumes of Gang War.  The book also has a section with detailed background on the Necromunda setting, rules for campaign play, and a dozen scenarios.

The book’s companion volume, Gangs of the Underhive, has rosters for all of the gangs currently available for the game, plus rules for wargear and a complete “Trading Post” where players can trade their gangs’ salvaged archeotech for rare weapons.  This book is also available as a hardcover.

A limited edition slipcase set with both books will be available while supplies last.

MSRP for the new books has not been announced.

Games Workshop relaunched Necromunda last year with a boxed set edition (see “Dive Into the Depths of War in ‘Necromunda:  Underhive’”).  A separate skirmish-level game called Kill Team, also set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe, was released earlier this year (see “Skirmish Scale ‘Warhammer 40,000:  Kill Team’ Launches”).  The popularity of the two games has helped drive the long-running Warhammer 40,000 miniatures line to the top of the sales charts (on our Pro site, see “PRO:  Miniatures Games Market Report and Top Brands Chart – Summer 2018”).