Games Workshop has revealed its latest stand-alone game set in the world of Warhammer 40,000.  The new game, called Kill Team, will release later this month.

First teased a the GAMA Trade Show (see “A New Edition of ‘Kill Team,’ Plus New ‘Underworlds’ Warbands, ‘Necromunda’ Faction, ‘Blood Bowl’ Team”), Warhammer 40,000:  Kill Team offers a much more compact gaming experience than it’s big brother, while still promising the same kind of heroic action and fierce combat.  The game is played on a smaller battlefield, measuring only 22 by 30 inches, and uses much smaller units:  each player fields only a single squad of 5 - 10 warriors, rather than the massed formations and vehicles that have become the trademark of Warhammer 40,000.  The objectives that Kill Team players must pursue are also more focused.  Rather than taking and holding territory or objectives, Kill Team players try to complete specific missions such as assassinating an enemy leader or sabotaging their supplies.

The game system for Kill Team has been built from the ground up by the same team that designed Warhammer Underworlds:  Shadespire (see “‘Warhammer Underworlds:  Shadespire’ Offers Fierce Battles”).  The game uses a system of alternating activations, with players taking turns to use their units, instead of an “I go, you go” turn-based system.  Battles are fought over densely-packed terrain, and players can use special “Tactics” to give their team a boost.  The game rules will support "open" play with little prep needed, "narrative" missions and campaigns during which characters can gain and improve their skills and abilities, and "matched" games between balanced teams.  The system is also designed for multi-player games out of the box, allowing 2 - 4 to play.

Games Workshop has also announced plans to launch an organized play program to help support Kill Team, which will be an on-going line rather than a single independent game.  The company has not yet released any details on the form that the OP program will take.

The centerpiece of the new game will be the Warhammer 40,000:  Kill Team Starter Set.  This large box includes the Kill Team Core Manual—the game’s hardcover rulebook—as well as a Begin Here booklet, complete squads for two factions, the Skitarii and the Genestealer Cult, each with plastic models and a background booklet, a double-sided folding game board, a collection of modular Sector Imperialis terrain pieces, plus all the dice, cards, and rulers needed to play the game.

The Kill Team Core Manual will also be available separately.

Additional terrain pieces will be sold in separate Killzone Environment Expansion sets.  The first of which will be the Sector Mechanicus set, which will include modular terrain pieces, a double-sided folding game board, a set of 12 Tactics cards keyed to the new terrain, 4 new missions, and a background book.

The terrain in the Kill Team Starter Set and the Killzone expansions will also be fully compatible with GW’s already existing line of Sector Mechanicus terrain pieces and the upcoming Sector Imperialis line, both of which are designed with the current style and size of models Games Workshop is producing.

The game is designed so that players can build their own teams using models from the entire Warhammer 40,000 universe, with rules for 16 different factions included in the base rules.  Players can assemble their own teams using their own models, or they can field a ready-made team, available in individual unit starter sets.  These sets will include a full team of warriors, additional terrain pieces, Tactics cards unique to that faction, and a background booklet.  The first two sets will be Krogskull’s Boyz, featuring the Orks, and The Fangs of Ulfrich, including the iconic Space Wolves.

The game will also be supported by its own line of accessories.  Thus far, Games Workshop has announced plans for a foam-lined miniatures carrying case, dice sets featuring the icons of the Orks and Space Wolves, a measuring tape, and blank cards for players to record stats for their own teams.

Click on the Gallery below for images of the new accessories.

MSRP and specific release dates for the new titles have not yet been announced.