IDW Publishing is incentivizing retailers to carry its new Marvel Action all-ages series by making issue #1 fully returnable.

The Marvel Action line of titles aimed at readers aged 8 -12 who may be new to comic book purchasing (see “Kids Comics Roundup: New How-To from Raina Telgemeier, New Dog Man, More”).  The first title, Marvel Action Spider-Man by Delilah Dawson and Fico Ossio, launched yesterday.  Marvel Action Avengers launches on December 26.  Marvel Action Black Panther launches on January 9.

IDW has made issue #1 fully returnable, with no minimum quantity to qualify.  Issue #2 will be returnable as long as the retailer orders 85% of what was ordered on #1. Issues #3 – 6 are returnable as long as the retailer matches their order from the previous issue.

The Diamond website has not been updated to reflect all these changes on affected titles, but Spider-Man #1 is currently marked as fully returnable with no qualifiers, though a return fee does apply.