Original art by Silver Age giants was bringing premium prices in the recently completed Heritage Comics and Comic Art Auction, which generated sales of $10.78 million, Heritage reported.  Two of the pieces were covers, with the Jack Kirby/Syd Shores cover art for Captain America #109 selling for $264,000; and the John Romita Sr. cover for Amazing Spider-Man #60 selling for $288,000.

An interior page by Steve Ditko also sold in the same range, with page 22 of Amazing Spider-Man #18 bringing $288,000.

Among the key comics in the auction was a 9.2 copy of Incredible Hulk #1 that sold for $336,000, a Heritage record for the issue.

A Belgian museum acquired the art for "Master Race," written by Al Feldstein with art by Bernie Krigstein from Impact #1 for $600,000 in the same auction (see "'Master Race' Auction Sale Is a Landmark for Museum Curation of Comic Art").

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