DC Comics is expanding the number of titles in its Walmart program to six and renaming two of its original titles to more closely align with DC characters most popular in media.  The characters in the new titles have both been tested in Walmart with one-shots.

All six titles will be in stores by February 27, according to the announcement.  Like the launch titles, all six will feature a new story with reprints, and will carry $4.99 cover prices.

The new titles are Swamp Thing 100-Page Giant and The Flash 100-Page GiantSwamp Thing 100-Page Giant will feature new 12-page stories written by Tim Seeley, with art by Mike Perkins in the first issue and by Joelle Jones in #2 and #3.  Reprints will be drawn from the "New 52" era, including Animal Man, Swamp Thing, and Detective Chimp stories.  DC released a Halloween one-shot featuring Swamp Thing last year (see "’Swamp Thing’ Puts the Scare in Halloween").

The Flash 100-Page Giant will feature a 12-part arc written by Gail Simone, with art by Clayton Henry.  Reprints will include "New 52" Flash, Adam Strange, and Shazam stories. DC released a World’s Greatest Super Heroes Holiday Special prominently featuring Flash last year (see "Celebrate the Holidays with the World’s Great Super-Heroes").

The Justice League Giant will be renamed Wonder Woman 100-Page Giant (which we note aligns with a more popular media property) and begin with a new #1.  The Amanda Connor, Jimmy Palmiotti, Tom Derenick and Chad Hardin Wonder Woman storyline will continue.  Reprints will include stories from Geoff Johns’ New 52 runs on Justice League and Aquaman, plus 2006’s "Who Is Wonder Woman?" by Allan Heinberg, Rachel Dodson and Terry Dodson.

The Teen Titans 100-Page Giant will be renamed Titans 100-Page Giant, aligning with the popular DC Universe live-action series title, and begin with #1. Dan Jurgens will continue his story with Scot Eaton and Wayn Faucher art.  Reprints will include Geoff Johns’ and Tom Grummett’s 2004 run, Super Sons from "Rebirth," and Sideways from the "New Age of Heroes."

Superman 100-Page Giant with new stories by Tom King with Andy Kubert and Batman 100-Page Giant with new stories by Brian Michael Bendis and Nick Derington will continue.

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