Valiant Entertainment is resurrecting the Psi-Lords for a new ongoing series. Written by Fred Van Lente (Ivar, Timewalker; Generation Zero) and illustrated by Renato Guedes (Shadowman), the series will make its debut June 19. The first issue features covers by Jonboy Meyers (Superman), Rod Reis (Winter Soldier), Alan Quah (Orphan Black), and Marco Rudy (Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier)

In Psi-Lords, four amnesiacs awaken in the Gyre, a dangerous interglacatic prison where various factions battle for control. They must work together to navigate physical hazards and make their escape.

The Psi-Lords became part of the Valiant Universe in 1994 and headlined an eponymous 10-issue series into 1995. The new series will deviate significantly from the original, which centered on the 41st century descendants of the H.A.R.D. Corps that fought Toyo Harada.

Speaking of Toyo Harada, Valiant will launch a miniseries about the Harbinger antagonist in March (see “Valiant Will 'Breakthrough' With Spring Slate”).