Image Comics has announced the June 2019 release of a new 20th Anniversary Edition of three-time Eisner Award-winning artist Paul Pope’s 1999 Vertigo science fiction series Heavy Liquid, which was chosen by Time Magazine as one of the 100 Best Science Fiction Graphic Novels, and which also made a 2013 list of The Fifty Greatest Graphic Novels of All Time. 18 years has elapsed since the first trade paperback publication of Heavy Liquid with the result that good quality copies are fetching premium prices in the aftermarket, so a new edition is certainly warranted.

Paul Pope supervised the new Image trade paperback edition of Heavy Liquid, which restores the artwork to its original “widescreen” format and features a refined two-color palette (except for the opening and closing 16 pages that are presented in full color).  Pope supervised the coloring of the new edition of the 240-page sci-fi saga, and the results can be seen in the subtle color work (as well as his dynamic manga-influenced drawing) in the pages included in the Gallery below.