Legendary Comics has announced the summer 2019 publication of the official movie graphic novel Pokemon: Detective Pikachu written by Brian Bruccellato with art by Nelson Daniel.  The Detective Pikachu graphic novel draws its inspiration from the first live-action/animated Pokemon movie, Detective Pikachu, which stars Ryan Reynolds as the voice and face (via motion-capture) of the caffeine-addicted Pikachu. 

Detective Pikachu is set for release on May 10, with the graphic novel to follow with publication set for summer.  The movie is outside the continuity of the Pokemon anime series and video games.  See a trailer for the live-action/animated hybrid here.  In addition to the graphic novel, here appears to be an abundance of tie-in merchandise available for Detective Pikachu (“See The First Wave of Detective Pikachu Merchandise”).

Pokemon remains an extremely popular multi-media property encompassing video games, anime, manga, as well as a Pokemon Trading Card Game (for news on the latest Pokemon TCG release, see “New Tag Teams Join Pokemon TCG”).  If proof of Pokemon’s enduring popularity is needed, reflect on the fact that the first Detective Pikachu trailer (see “ Pokemon Detective Pikachu Trailer”) received 100 million views worldwide.