A new Campaign Expansion is in the works for Fantasy Flight’s Star Wars: Armada miniatures game:  Rebellion in the Rim will release in Q3.

Like The Corellian Conflict Campaign Expansion released in 2016 (see “The Galactic Conflict Expands in ‘Star Wars:  Armada’”), Rebellion in the Rim allows players to play through a campaign of linked Star Wars:  Armada games.  Each battle fought influences the control of a location on the campaign map, which in turn can provide critical resources to the winning side.  Players must be careful about their strategy however, as the fate of each ship during a battle can carry over into later games, possibly resulting in permanent damage or the loss of heroic crew.

The Campaign Expansion also features campaign-based objective cards that can alter the rules of the game during a battle or introduce unusual elements like exogorths and gravity rifts, and some scenarios will result in unbalanced fights between fleets at unequal power levels.  Rounding out the expansion is eight new squadron cards featuring characters like Sabine Wren, Iden Versio, Lando Calrissian, and IG-88B.

Click on the gallery below for a preview of some of the new cards.

Rebellion in the Rim supports campaigns with 2 to 6 players.  It includes a campaign map board, fleet record sheets, new objective and squadron cards, and game tokens.  MSRP is $29.95.

The release date for the largest Star Wars:  Armada ship to date, the Super Star Destroyer (see “Enormous ‘Super Star Destroyer’ Enters ‘Star Wars:  Armada’”), has been pushed back to Q3.