Alderac Entertainment Group has announced a new expansion set for its Space Base game.  Command Station will release on September 6.

Space Base:  Command Station allows up to two additional players to join in on the science fiction dice game (see “Alderac’s Major Q2 Releases”), permitting games with up to seven players.  The expansion includes everything the two additional players need for the game:  2 player boards, 24 starting ship cards, 30 charge cubes, and 2 sets of starting cubes.  It also has some additional components to help streamline gameplay and balance larger groups, with 14 pre-deployed cards - 2 each for seven players. The box also offers additional storage room for components.

MSRP for the expansion is $39.99.  A copy of the base game is required to play.

Command Station is also fully compatible with the first expansion, The Emergence of Shy Pluto (see “‘Thunderstone Quest’ and ‘Space Base’ Expansions”).