DC Comics is readying another epic showdown for DC’s Year of the Villain, this time orchestrated by Neal Adams, as the Dark Knight must face off against one of his most capable foes, Ra’s al Ghul.

Adams, who co-created Ra’s al Ghul, will script and draw the six-issue Batman vs. Ra’s Al Ghul, which launches in August. The notorious leader of the League of Assassins, and father to Talia al Ghul, the mother of Damian Wayne, Ra’s is the only person on Earth capable of matching Batman in swordsmanship. This new adventure sees Gotham City under siege by terrorists, and Ra’s al Ghul volunteers his private security force to aid the GCPD. Despite this noble gesture, he still plans to destroy Batman and the city he protects.

DC will celebrate the launch of the miniseries with a Batman #232 Facsimile Edition, the story that introduced Ra’s al Ghul. Both will debut on August 21.