USAopoly will release a deck building game and a chess set based on the Toy Story franchise, under license from Disney and Pixar.

In Disney and Pixar’s Toy Story: Obstacles and Adventures, players take on the roles of Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Bo Beep and Rex as they work together to overcome obstacles and win the game. Obstacles and Adventures uses the same deck building mechanic used in the award-winning Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle (see “Mensa Select Mind Games Winners 2017”), featuring six boxes of card representing a different movie or short from the series. As the story progresses, each box is unlocked to add new content to the game, such as characters like Hamm and Mr. Pricklepants or new obstacles and antagonists, including Sid and Prospector Pete.

Disney and Pixar’s Toy Story: Obstacles and Adventures is for 2 to 5 players, ages 8 and up, and plays in 45 to 90 minutes. MSRP is $49.95 and releases this Fall.

The other Toy Story game USAopoly has unveiled is the Toy Story Collector’s Edition Chess Set, featuring the classic chess pieces reimagined as the characters from Toy Story. MSRP is $59.95 for Fall release.

USAopoly released a version of Codenames that included Pixar characters in 2017 (see “Disney and Marvel Editions of Hit Game ‘Codenames’”).