Bushiroad will release BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! Vol. 2 for the Weiss Schwarz Trading Card Game on October 18.

The latest expansion will feature members of Poppin’ Party, Afterglow, Pastel * Palettes, Roselia, and Hello, Happy World! in new outfits. Other cards will feature scenes from the mobile game.  Cards from BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! Vol. 2 can be used together with cards with card numbers beginning with [BD/] (see "Five Bands Take The Stage In ‘Weiss Schwarz Girls Band Party!’").

The set includes 100 types of cards + 145 (Parallel) types of shiny cards.  Each booster pack contains 8 cards per pack, with a chance to obtain a Voice Cast signed card or Character signed card.  The set includes rare band-specific packs with Characters signed cards hot-stamped in gold or in the band’s signature color.  Each display contains 20 packs, with 16 displays per carton.

Each display includes a special PR Pack with 1 Buddyfight PR card, 1 Weiss Schwarz Box Topper PR card and 1 Mobile Game PR card.  Every display includes 1 of 5 exclusive Box Topper PR cards. Each carton includes 2 of 5 rainbow-stamped PR cards and 4 English Edition exclusive Rubber Playmats.

Bushiroad recently announced BanG Dream! Girl Band Party! as part of the Future Card Buddyfight Ace crossover series (see "‘BanG Dream! Girl Band Party! Takes Center Stage In ‘Future Card Buddyfight’").