River Horse has announced the first wave of releases for its Pacific Rim:  Extinction tabletop miniatures game, which will launch later this year.

Announced last year (see “River Horse Reveals ‘Pacific Rim’ Minis Game”), Pacific Rim:  Extinction is a tabletop miniatures game based on the Pacific Rim:  Uprising movie.  The game recreates battles between giant mechanical Jaegers and monstrous Kaiju.

The Pacific Rim:  Extinction Starter Set forms the basis of the game, featuring a fully-painted 85mm tall Gipsy Avenger miniature and a fully-painted 110mm tall Shrikethorn miniature, a large poster play mat, 6 3d skyscrapers, 10 2d terrain and building tiles, 100 cards, 17 dice, and a hex gauge.  MSRP is $59.99.

Alongside the Starter Set, River Horse will release four expansion sets for use with the game:

• Saber Athena Jaeger Expansion

• Hakuja Kaiju Expansion

• Gipsy Danger Jaeger Expansion

• Obsidian Fury Kaiju Expansion

Each set comes with a pre-painted model of either a Jaeger or a Kaiju plus the cards and tokens needed to use it in the game.  The expansions are available separately and are MSRP $34.99 each.

Click Gallery below for images of the miniatures and packaging.

River Horse also plans to release a role-playing-style game based on the Jim Henson classic Labyrinth later this year (see “‘Jim Henson’s Labyrinth:  The Adventure Game’”).