Fantasy Flight Games is beginning a new story arc for The Lord of the Rings:  The Card Game called Vengeance of Mordor with the Wrath and Ruin Adventure Pack, releasing in the third quarter.

Wrath and Ruin depicts a battle for control of the capital city of Gondor between the beleaguered city guard and an army of Easterlings led by the traitor Ulchor.  A key element of the expansion is the control of locations in the city.  Players must not only take control of them, but also maintain control as the game’s villains try to wrest them back.  The expansion also features the enigmatic yet often helpful Tom Bombadil, as well as a new mechanic that allows players to add beneficial cards to the encounter deck.

The Wrath and Ruin expansion comes with 60 new cards for use with The Lord of the Rings:  The Card Game, including a new dwarf hero and three copies of each new player card.  As an expansion, a copy of the base game is needed to play.  MSRP is $14.95.

Click on Gallery below to see cards from the expansion.

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