In a format departure, Image Comics will publish a long-form comic story by Matt Fraction and Elsa Charretier in three graphic novels, beginning in November.  November Vol. 1: The Girl on the Roof is the first of three hardcover graphic novels (Vol. 1 is 80 pages).  It tells the story of three women in a criminal underground whose lives are bound together by a man who seems to be the cause of fire and violence tearing through their city.

Colors are by Matt Hollingsworth, letters by Kurt Ankeny, and book design by Rian Hughes.

"As a serialized series of novels, the format of November gives us the space and time to explore who these women were before and after everything changed for them, in a sprawling story of chaos and coincidence where everything happens according to a pattern, but no plan ever goes off without a hitch," Fraction said of the story.

The first volume will street November 6 in comic stores and November 12 in the book channel.

Fraction and Kelly Sue DeConnick recently signed a development deal with Legendary Television (see "Legendary Inks Deal with Kelly Sue Deconnick & Matt Fraction").