Privateer Press continues to expand its offerings of Monsterpocalypse miniatures with four new monsters and units for the Lords of Cthul and the Empire of the Apes in October and two new Uber Corp models and the Isle of Annihilation Fabric Playmat in September.

The Lords of Cthul will have a new monster, Ulgoth, which combines near-mindless destruction with toxic blood and seems intent on transforming the earth itself.  This horrific creature can spawn Cthul units whenever it is damaged or slays an enemy unit.  Resin and metal kit.  MSRP $32.99.

To support the new monster, a new set of Lords of Cthul units will arrive:  the Snatchers & Hellion set comes with a trio of the bloated, hovering Snatchers plus one Elite Snatcher and one bat-like Hellion.  Metal kit.  MSRP $24.99.

The Empire of the Apes will welcome the White Dajan, a giant ape from the Himalayas with a special hatred of cities and love for demolishing buildings.  This monster can channel its power to form blizzards and ice.  Resin kit.  MSRP $28.99.

The Ape Bombers & Command Ape brings air power to the simian forces, delivering high explosives via jury-rigged jet engines.  Kit includes three Ape Bombers and an Elite Ape Bomber plus a radio-equipped Command Ape.  Metal kit. MSRP $34.99.

UberCorp’s hostile takeover continues with the Gorghadratron giant monster, crafted through a combination of xenoexobiological material and man-made polymers and powered by highly-radioactive reactors.  Metal and resin kit.  MSRP $29.99.

The UCI Industries building offers support and corporate espionage, allowing the player to deploy UberCorp Intl forces at a discount and use the abilities of other buildings that they do not control.  Resin kit.  MSRP $17.99.

Privateer is also releasing a neoprene fabric playmat depicting the Isle of Annihilation battleground.  The 27 1/4" by 29 3/4" playmat features the tropical island’s 5-star resorts and active volcano.  MSRP $29.99.

Click on Gallery below for images of the new models and playmat.

Three additional UberCorp units are slated for August release (see “Uber Corp Plans ‘Monsterpocalypse’ Hostile Takeover