New combatants are coming for Privateer Press’ Riot Quest with the release of eight new miniatures and the Thunderhead Fortress Fabric Playmat, all releasing in the Autumn.

Three new model kits will release in October:

Orsus the Chained is a berserker Fighter class Hero who can attack multiple foes at once.  Metal kit.  MSRP $19.99.

Captain Crawtooth is a Gatorman Fighter class Hero that has the longest-range melee attacks in the game.  Metal and resin kit.  MSRP $19.99.

Wolf with No Name is a Scout class Hero armed with a long rifle who can move through rough terrain with no penalty.  Metal and resin kit.  MSRP $19.99.

September’s offerings include five new model kits:

Boomhowler, Solo Artist is a Gunner class Hero can provide fire support and high ranged damage thanks to his chain gun.  Metal kit.  MSRP $17.99.

Black Bella, Duches of Dread, Fighter class Hero, uses her abilities to harm enemies who retreat and her high speed to control the battlefield.  Metal kit.  MSRP $12.99.

Harlowe Holdemhigh is a Scout class Hero who specializes at ranged combat, using his twin magelock pistols to attack multiple foes at once.  Metal kit.  MSRP $11.99.

Gorman the Mad, Rogue class Hero, is protected from ranged attacks by his Cloak ability and uses his alchemical cannon to destroy opponent’s Gear.  Metal kit.  MSRP $13.99.

Widget, Tinker Extraordinaire is a Specialist class Hero who supports her allies by reducing the cost of upgrades and assisting with Bounties.  Metal kit.  MSRP $11.99.

The Thunderhead Fortress Fabric Playmat offers players an upgraded version of the original starter map for Riot Quest, featuring the notorious mad alchemist lair on a 27” by 27” neoprene playmat.  MSRP $29.99.

All models are supplied unpainted and may require assembly.

Click on Gallery below for images of the new models.

Privateer will launch its new miniatures-based board game next month (see “Privateer’s ‘Riot Quest’ Begins”).