Fantasy Flight Games is adding support for larger, multi-player battles in Star Wars X-Wing 2E when it launches the Epic Battles expansion in the fourth quarter.

The Epic Battles expansion supports games with larger model counts and games with more than two players by introducing some new elements to the game.  The set features 11 new scenarios, including scenarios for both team and free-for-all games with up to eight players.  These scenarios are designed with larger teams in mind, as well as games that include larger size ships, such as those releasing later this year (see “‘Huge Ships’ Blast into ‘Star Wars X-Wing 2E’”).

To facilitate games with more models, Epic Battles also introduces rules for fielding multiple ships together in units called “wings.”  Wings maneuver during the game using a single maneuver dial, which determines the movement of the wing leader with the other ships following along.  The movement of the entire wing is controlled with the use of wing tools that show where each fighter is located on the battlefield.

Epic Battles comes with 5 wing tools in different shapes, 8 upgrade cards for customizing wings, 7 Wing Quick Build cards to help players assemble their squadrons, and 24 Wing ID cards to help track the condition of every fighter in each wing.  MSRP is $24.95.