San Diego Comic-Con News:  On the eve of the San Diego Comic-Con DC Comics has announced a new series of one-shots in which DC’s top writers and artists provide a new and terrifying take on key events (and storylines) in the DC continuity.  The first two, prestige format, 48-page, $5.99 Tales from the Dark Multiverse titles, Tales From the Dark Multiverse: Batman: Knightfall #1, and Tales From the Multiverse: Death of Superman #1, will debut in October, the same month that DC is making available $1 reprints of the books that inspired them, Batman #497 and Superman #75 (see “DC Announces Its Dollar Comics”).

Due out first on October 16 is Tales From the Dark Multiverse: Batman: Knightfall #1, which was written by top Batman scribe Scott Snyder and Kyle Higgins (Batman Eternal) with art by Javier Fernandez (Justice League) and a cover by Lee Weeks (Batman).  This tale takes place 30 years after Bruce Wayne failed to take back the cowl, which went to Jean-Paul Valley (aka Saint Batman), who may just have to do battle with the Son of Bane.

Next on October 30 comes a new twisted take on the most popular comic book of the modern era, DC’s Death of Superman.  In Tales of the Dark Multiverse: Death of Superman #1 writer Jeff Loveness (Rick and Morty) puts the focus on Lois Lane, who becomes The Eradicator and takes revenge on those who let the Man of Steel succumb.  Brad Walker (Detective Comics) and Andrew Hennessy (Sinestro) provide the art while Lee Weeks designed the striking cover.

DC is planning additional Tales from the Dark Multiverse one-shots based on other key DCU events such as Infinite Crisis, Blackest Night, and New Teen Titans The Judas Contract.

For concept art and character designs for Tales From the Dark Multiverse Batman: Knightfall #1, see the Gallery below: