Fantasy Flight Games will release two new expansions for Star Wars: Legion, Luke Skywalker Operative Expansion and Darth Vader Operative Expansion, in Q4.  The focus of these two expansions will be on Force users on the battlefield while the more recent Star Wars: Legion expansion announcements have focused on vehicles (see "Mount Up With Tautaun Riders" and "Barc Speeder and Droidekas Unit Expansions").

Luke Skywalker Operative Expansion.  The unpainted miniature included depicts Luke as a Jedi Knight as he appeared at the end of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi.  Three command cards and four upgrade cards in this set allow players to shape how powerful Luke will be on the battlefield.

Darth Vader Operative Expansion.  The unpainted Darth Vader miniature can be assembled into a different pose from the one in Star Wars: Legion Core Set.  The Darth Vader figure also comes with three new command cards, which allow it to be used as both a commander and an operative.  Four upgrade cards let players augment Darth Vader's Force powers and training.

Both Operative Expansions retail at $12.95.

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