Gaming Days, LLC. will launch Board Game Expo (BGX), a new gaming event which will be held in game stores, on April 4, 2020. This is the first board game event from Gaming Days, LLC., and will allow retailers and publishers to connect with FLGS through a national platform. Gaming Day, LLC. is the same group that acquired Free RPG Day from Aldo Ghiozzi earlier this year (see "Free RPG Day Acquired by Gaming Days LLC").   

Similar to Free RPG Day, games stores will be offered games and event materials to run a single-day event, and the products will be supplied through Alliance Game Distributiors. The early list of publishers participating in this event are AEG, Asmodee, Lucky Duck Games, Luma, The Op, Pandasaurus Games, Renegade Game Studios, and WizKids.

"Our goal when we formed Gaming Days, LLC was to increase the number of gaming holidays on the calendar," commented Travis Severance from Gaming Day, LLC. "We are working with some of the finest retailers and publishing partners to bring a high-quality experience to board game players of every experience level."