IDW Publishing will release a hardcover collection of the classic 1960s DC Captain Action series, Captain Action Enterprises announced at San Diego Comic-Con.  The series, which ran from October/November of 1968 to June/July of 1969, featured work by some of the most high-profile creators of the period, including Wallace Wood, Gil Kane, Jim Shooter, Dick Giordano, Carmine Infantino and Irv Novick.  The series included Shooter’s first in-comic credit and the first story that Kane both wrote and drew.

Extras will include a Mark Waid introduction and "lost art" from Murphy Anderson, Kurt Schaffenberger and Chic Stone.

The character was created in 1966 by Stan Weston for Ideal Toys as an action figure with a variety of costumes that allowed him to become other characters including Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, Captain America, Aquaman, and more.

Recently added Captain Action partner Michael Polis (see "Exclusive: Michael Polis Buys into Captain Action") teased other upcoming news.  "We’ve got a lot of future projects percolating with Captain Action, but we’re especially thrilled to finally reprint these Silver Age classics," he said.