Paizo has announced the release of the Lost Omens Character Guide on September 30, the Critical Hit Deck on September 2, and the Critical Fumble Deck on September 30.

The Lost Omens Character Guide offers players additional character creation options, featuring three new ancestry types: the hobgoblin, lizardfolk, and plant-like leshy.  10 new heritage options for core ancestries are also included, with new ancestry feats and archetypes.  Five organizations of Golarion are also described, which characters can join or compete against, including the Pathfinder Society, Firebrands, and Magaambya.

The 136-page hardcover book will have an MSRP of $34.99.

Players who want to make their battles a little more interesting can add the Critical Hit Deck and Critical Fumble Deck to their game.  Each deck includes 53 cards that describe over 200 different in-game situations that can occur when a particularly lucky or unlucky attack is made, replacing the simpler bonus damage or automatic failure described in the core rules.

The decks are MSRP $12.99 each.

The Pathfinder Second Edition RPG launched on August 1 (see “Paizo Unveils First ‘Pathfinder Second Edition’ Titles”).  An updated version of the game’s Kingmaker adventure path is planned for next year (see “‘Pathfinder’s’ ‘Kingmaker’ Gets Anniversary Edition”).