Gen Con News: Alter Reality Games (ARG) will release Expansion Pack 1: Generations and Expansion Pack 2: Genesis for Argent Saga on September 12.  Argent Saga is a new TCG that was launched on August 1 (see "New TCG 'Argent Saga' Launches August 1").

Expansion Pack 1:Generations is a fixed set of 25 cards: 15 new cards, five Full-Art Tower Guardians, and five Champions.  However, there is one Premium Pack included in each display box that contains all foil versions of the cards.

Expansion Pack 2: Genesis also includes 25 fixed cards: 12 exclusive cards, 5 new Towers of Power, and eight Sneak Preview cards from the Booster Set 2: Revelations. Genesis also includes a Premium Pack per case, and both Packs will retail for $24.95 and Display Boxes are set at $299.99 (6 Packs to a Display).

At Gen Con, Brad Hoisington, co-owner of ARG, told ICv2 that the next set, Booster Set 2: Revelations, will be coming in either "November or December."  He also revealed that ARG offers Argent Saga tournament kits.  Each kit is built to accommodate 16 players and comes with: a champion play mat, a prize play mat, 16 cards, two different preview cards from the next set (four of each included, total of eight cards), and a couple posters.  The tournament kit is $20 for retailers.

Argent Saga is currently distributed through Southern Hobby and PHD.