Image Comics will launch Family Tree, a new ongoing series by Jeff Lemire and Phil Hester, in November, the company announced.  The series will tell the story of an eight-year-old girl who begins to transform into a tree, and her single mom, troubled brother and possibly insane grandfather begin a journey across the backroads of America to find a cure for her transformation.  Things get worse as they travel, as cults, mercenaries, and Paparazzi pursue them to destroy the girl or use her for their own ends.

Lemire compared the story to one of his most successful runs.  "In a lot of ways it’s a return to the tone, and many of the themes, I explored with my Animal Man run; a look at the many horrors that can threaten to tear a family apart, and the bonds that keep them together in the face of unspeakable events," he said.

"I believe The Family Tree fits pretty squarely into both my and Jeff's body of work in that it's undeniably weird, sometimes grotesque, and occasionally violent," Hester said of the series.  "But underneath it all is the beating heart of a family..."