Marvel and Sony have ended, at least for now, their production relationship for the Spider-Man films, according to Deadline.  The change means that Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige will not continue as lead producer.  The deal was struck back in 2015 (see "Spider-Man to Join Marvel Cinematic Universe") and had Spider-Man appearing in MCU movies and Feige taking a producer role on the Spider-Man films.

The breakdown was over money, according to the report:  Marvel had asked to co-finance the next Spider-Man film with a 50/50 split of profits, and Sony refused.  Marvel was getting 5% of gross, and owns the merchandising revenue.

With Feige’s help, the franchise hit a new high this week as Spider-Man: Far from Home became Sony’s highest-grossing film of all time (see "’Good Boys’ Ambush ‘Hobbs & Shaw’").  On the other hand, Sony made the hit Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse on its own.

The history of the relationship, although smooth recently, has had rough patches in the past; a series of lawsuits in the early 00s were finally settled in 2004 (see "Marvel and Sony Lawsuits Finally Settled").

Meanwhile to top off its receipts, Sony has announced plans for a theatrical re-release of Spider-Man: Far from Home with four new minutes over Labor Day weekend (beginning August 29), according to The Hollywood Reporter.