Asmodee USA Distribution will bring Palm Court's party game Wavelength to U.S. trade in Q4.

In Wavelength, players try to read each others' minds. One team’s Psychic provides a clue based on a spectrum between concepts such as Fantasy – Sci-Fi, or Cat person – Dog person.  The closer the Psychic’s team gets to the center of the target, the more points they win.  The other team attempts to predict how close the active team is to the correct answer.

“Whether you’re a mind-reader or one in training, Wavelength is pure magic,” Asmodee USA Head of Distribution Andre Kieren said of the game.

Wavelength was designed by Wolfgang Warsch, Alex Hague, and Justin Vickers, the creators of Moniker and The Mind, with Hvass&Hannibal responsible for the striking graphic design.

Wavelength was funded on Kickstarter by 8,674 backers for $324,355 earlier this year.

Asmodee recently released information on another one of its upcoming games, Arkham Noir (see "Investigate the Horror of Asmodee's 'Arkham Noir'").