Atlas Games has announced Never Bring a Knife, a new social deduction game with a cops and robbers feel releasing in Q1.

The setting for Never Bring a Knife is a heist gone wrong, when it is discovered that some of the heist crew are actually undercover cops.  Now the two groups are trying to identify who their allies and enemies are without revealing their own identities.

Never Bring a Knife was created by Maggie and Jordan Clyne, and is intended to be a lighter, faster-paced approach to social deduction games.  During the game, players use cards to help identify other players, protect their friends, and eliminate their opposition.  But, when the first player is eliminated, the game ends and their team loses the game.

The game includes 96 cards.  It is intended for 4 to 8 players, ages 17 and up due to its mature themes.  Games take about half an hour to play.  MSRP is $17.95.

In Q4, Atlas will release its fantasy-themed Gloom of Thrones (see “Atlas Games Parodies ‘GoT’ with ‘Gloom of Thrones’”).