Anvil Eight Games has released the Aetherium role playing game set in the same dystopic cyberpunk world as its earlier miniatures game.

Aetherium is set in two parallel worlds:  the “Aetherium,” a virtual reality world that provides an escape for the vast majority of humanity and the “Meatspace” reality, a dreary world dominated by corporate and governmental controls.  Characters exist in both worlds, allowing game play to switch between the virtual and physical worlds as the campaign needs.

The game is built on a dice pool system, using 10-sided dice to resolve actions in Meatspace and custom 12-sided dice for adventures in the Aetherium or when characters are “Hacking” the world around them, allowing them to alter reality itself.  The rules and setting background are presented in a 256-page hardcover rulebook that also features two introductory adventures.  MSRP is $50.00.

The Aetherium universe is also the setting for Anvil Eight's Aetherium miniatures game, released in 2015.