Holy Grail Games revealed Rallyman GT: Core Box, a racing board game, for retail in Q4.

Rallyman GT is a Roll and Move game where players take on the role of race car drivers as they push their finely-tuned racing machines to the limit in an effort to cross the finish line in first place. The base mechanics of Rallyman GT are simple, yet leave plenty of room for tactical depth.

Each player has six dice that represent the gears of their car, and each die allows them to move one space on the track. Players arrange their dice on the track board  to plot a course each turn, and then roll them to see if their move is successful. If they roll too many warning symbols on the dice, they might spin out or fail to overtake another car in front of them. The player's car that maintains its position, and finishes in first after a set number of laps is the winner.  

This game box comes with 32 Double-sided track tiles, 6 Car Model I Driver cards, 11 Dice, 12 Dashboards, 208 Tokens, a draw bag,4 gaming aids, and a rulebook. This game is for one to six players, ages 10 and up, and plays in 45 minutes. Rallyman GT will retail for $49.99.

Holy Grail Games also released Museum this Spring (see "Holy Grail Exhibits 'Museum'").