Tasty Minstrel Games will release Wards of London, an expansion for Guilds of London, on November 19.

Wards of London is an expansion for use with the Guilds of London base game that adds components and rules for playing with a fifth player as well as Veto tokens to stop neutral liverymen from fouling up plans. There are also new plantations to increase variance when replaying the game. The expansion also includes several new guild tiles to use alongside the existing ones in the base game.

The game box contains 25 ‘Ward’ Guild tiles, 14 Guild tiles, 3 Plantation tiles, 2 Neutral Liverman pawns, 1 Golden Beedle pawn, 15 Second Place Reward tokens, 10 Veto tokens, 10 Coin tokens, 20 Action cards, 5 Mayoral Reward cards, and one rulebook. It is for one to five players, ages 14 and up, and plays in 60 to 120 minutes. Wards of London will retail for $44.95.

Tasty Minstrel Games will also release Dawn of Mankind on October 29 and Chrono Corsairs in Q4 (see "Tasty Minstrel Games Will Release 'Dawn of Mankind' For Trade " and also, "Weather a Time-Altering Storm in 'Chrono Corsairs'").