Lookout Spiele revealed Expedition to Newdale, a board game that continues the story of the Oh My Goods card game by Alexander Pfister (see "'Oh My Goods!'"), which will release late Q4 or early Q1.

The second part of the Oh My Goods! saga continues as board game set five years after the Red Feast, and Rob the Builder is now king. Nate Welton, the new Guild Master, has been sent on a journey with the players to quell the possibility of war with the Ice Giants. Players engage multiple construction and production scenarios that combine to tell an overarching story, all which revolve around similar mechanics to the original Oh My Goods! card game. Lookout Spiele has adapted the card game mechanics to a board game system by adding various maps, new game elements, objectives, and actions.

The game box includes 220 cards, 3 double-sided boards, an action board, 40 Bonus tiles, 16 progress tiles, 12 "5 goods" chits, a Winner's Cup piece, 22 meeples, 44 house markers, 16 action tokens, 4 ship tokens, 50 good markers, a bag, a sticker sheet, and a 12-page Chronicle. Expedition to Newdale is for one to four players, ages 12 and up, and each chapter plays in 90 minutes.