Asmodee USA Distribution will release Living Planet, a planet exploration board game by Ludically, into trade in January 2020.

Explorers have discovered a new unstable planet, MYC.14.250, that is rich in resources, and the corporations are looking for ways to cash in. Players assume the roles of expedition leaders for their corporation in a race to exploit the planet before it completely deteriorates. As they explore the planet and recover resources, the players need to keep track of the ever-changing stock market in order to make the most money off of the planet possible. Each round, the position of the leader role rotates, and changes the sequence of actions to balance turn order advantages. This game also features a modular board with random tiles that flip to reveal resources as the players explore which adds to replay value.  

The game box comes with 24 Hexagons, 1 Stock Market board, 1 Leader Board, 25 Stock Market cards, 4 Dice, 4 Fate Control tokens, 5 Stock Market indicators, 43 Resource meeples, 60 coins, 58 Building tiles, 5 Scientists, 2 Motorized Scientists, 10 Automation Chips, 6 Planet cards, 1 Player’s Help/Screen, and a rulebook. Living Planet is for one to four players, ages 14 and up, and plays in 30 to 120 minutes. It will retail for $69.99.

Asmodee USA Distribution also announced that they will bring Wavelength to US trade in late Q4 (see "Asmodee USA Distribution to Bring 'Wavelength' to U.S.").