Cubicle 7 will cease the publication of The One Ring and Adventures in Middle-earth roleplaying games in the first half of 2020 over contractual differences with the current holder of The Lord of Rings RPG license, Sophisticated Games (see "'One Ring' RPG Seeks to Lure Tolkien Fans").  

Cubicle 7 partnered with Sophisticated Games in 2010 to publish the first edition of The One Ring, and was all set to release a second edition of the game in November until a dispute arose between the two publishers (see "Cubicle 7 Unveils 'The One Ring' Collector's Edition"). The new edition was already written and edited when Cubicle 7 decided to end the agreement, and cancel the release because they felt that they were unable to support the new edition further.

With the pending release cancelled, Cubicle 7 is facing an extensive refunding process for preorders, a potential loss on the game, and the possibility of disappointing their fan base. Cubicle 7 attempted to mitigate the damage by offering customers 125% of the value of their order in Cubicle 7 store credit.