Asmodee USA has revealed a that it has entered into an agreement with French board game publisher Funforge to distribute their English language games.  Funforge is best known for their 2012 board game release Tokaido (see "'Tokaido' Rejuvenated for Fifth Anniversary").

The change will have an impact on distribution.  Funforge titles are currently available exclusively from GTS Distribution (see "Passport Games Goes Exclusive"); the change means that in the future, Funforge titles will be available to U.S. retailers exclusively from Alliance Distribution.

"Funforge’s library exemplifies Asmodee’s mission to offer great games and amazing stories to our customers," said Andre Kieren, Head of Distribution for Asmodee USA.  "The universe of Tokaido, the Professor Evil series, and future releases are welcome additions to our offerings."

Funforge's English language games will be available to Asmodee USA customers as early Q1 of 2020.

Asmodee USA also recently announced the release of Space Cowboys games for U.S. distribution in Q1 (see "Become A Temporal Agent In 'T.I.M.E. Stories: Revolution'").