Paizo, Inc. revealed the Advanced Player's Guide, rulebook for use with Pathfinder 2E roleplaying game, for release in Q3 of 2020.

This 272-page rulebook showcases new rules for player characters, and adds more depth to a Pathfinder 2E campaign. It features new ancestries, heritages, and four new classes, which are an investigator, an oracle, a swashbuckler, and a witch. This book also includes more character options for classes found the Core Rulebook that include new unique backgrounds, feats, spells, items, and 40 flexible archetypes and multiclass archetypes.

Pathfinder 2E: Advanced Player's Guide will carry a MSRP of $49.99.

Paizo, Inc. also recently announced the Pathfinder Bestiary Pawn Box (see "Paizo, Inc. Announces 'Pathfinder' 'Bestiary Pawn Box'").