Fantasy Flight Games revealed Weaver of the Cosmos, the final Mythos pack for Arkham Horror: The Card Game's The Dream-Eaters cycle, for release in April 2020. The Dream-Eaters cycle kicked off last year as the fifth cycle for the card game (see "Fifth 'Arkham Horror' Cycle Opens With 'The Dream-Eaters'").

Weaver of the Cosmos is the Scenario 4–B for The Web of Dreams campaign, and it can be played in Standalone Mode (which still requires the base game and The Dream-Eaters expansion to play) or added to other expansions in The Dream-Eaters cycle for a longer campaign. It takes place after the events of Point of No Return where players have reached the nightmarescape, a transdimensional space that is home a spider that is intent on weaving a new reality. Players must battle the cosmic spider to save Earth and the Dreamlands from utter destruction.

This final Mythos pack for The Dream-Eaters cycle will retail for $14.95.