CMON will release three new expansions for Starcardia Quest, Arrrmada, Showdown, and Build-A-Robot, into trade in Q1 of 2020.

The three new expansions will add an assortment of options for gameplay as well as enemies for the Crews to battle. Arrrmada features the Space Pirate Captain Wet Willy, who has united a Crew of pirates against the heroes, in an all-new campaign for the heroes to tackle. This expansion comes with 12 miniatures, a campaign sheet pad, 3 large game tiles, 2 Hero cards, 5 Monster cards, 10 Pirate Assault cards, 22 Quest cards, a token punchboard, a Pirate Ship Dashboard, and a rulebook. It will retail for $39.99.

The Showdown expansion allows players to bring their original Arcadia Quest characters into Starcadia Quest. It includes stat cards for heroes from previous expansions, and includes rules for  full player vs. player combat. Its box contains 4 Crew Dashboards, a game board, a cotton bag, 84 Hero cards, 4 token punchboards, a rulebook, and retails for $24.99.   

Build-a-Robot expansion lets the Crew take on a Robot companion that has interchangeable parts. It also includes two new Crew members as well as robot adversaries to battle in the campaign that comes in the expansion. The game box has 19 miniatures, 2 Hero cards, a campaign sheet pad, 22 Quest cards, 3 large game tiles, 2 Monster cards, 12 Robot Piece cards, a token punchboard, 4 small counterbases, and a rulebook. This expansion retails for $39.99.

The Starcadia Quest base game will also release alongside these expansions in February 2020 (see "CMON Reveals 'Starcadia Quest' For Trade").