Games Workshop announced Corpse Grinder Cult Gang and Palanite Subjugator Patrol Gang, two new miniatures sets for Necromunda: Dark Uprising, for release into trade on February 1.

The Corpse Grinder Cult Gang rises up to head the call of the Lord of Skin and Sinew from the dark corners of the underhive. These flesh-eaters are set on bringing a rebellion to Necromunda, and this new set of miniatures arms players to help it along. This set comes with 10 Corpse Grinder Cultists, 6 Skinners and 4 Initiates, come with an array of chain cleavers, rotary flensing saws, chain cleavers, boning swords, and autopistols as weapons. It includes six 32mm Necromunda round bases, four 25mm Necromunda round bases, and will retail for $42.00.

The Palanite Subjugator Patrol Gang are pseudo-police force that puts down sedition against Lord Helmawr with merciless efficiency. This set contains 6 Subjugators with various weapons options, 6 32mm Necromunda round bases, and an Enforcer Patrol Transfer Sheet. This set of miniatures will retail at $57.00.

These two sets were originally included as part of the Necromunda: Dark Uprising box set announced in October (see "Games Workshop Reveals Upcoming 'Warcry' and 'Necromunda' Releases").

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