Wizards of the Coast announced the Greenlight Fund, a funding program for Magic: The Gathering content producers within the new Magic Creator Program, to launch in 2020. Recently, WotC has been stepping-up their Magic content game to offer more possibilities for in-store viewing events like the Magic World Championship viewing parties to be held in WPN Premium stores (see "Wizards of the Coast Announces 'Magic' World Championship Viewing Parties for WPN Premium Stores "). 

The Greenlight Fund is a million dollar fund that has been set aside by WotC to help push the next wave of Magic: The Gathering community content. It coincides with the launch of WotC's new Magic Creator Program, which is essentially a formalized program for its support system that caters to Magic: The Gathering content streamers. The Greenlight Fund is aimed at building up the video content within the Magic: The Gathering community by funding creators to make new Magic series. WotC has supported other Magic series in the past such as Game Knights, Friday Nights, and What the Deck, but hasn't set aside a content development fund like this before.

WotC also revealed that they are looking to accept pitches for series to be produced via the Greenlight Fund. Creators may apply to receive funds from the pool by submitting a detailed pitch through a Challenge within the Magic Creator Program. The pitches should explain the project's goals, a business plan, promotion plan, and budget breakdown. Accepted projects can receive anywhere from $5,000 to $250,000 in funding.