Konami Digital Entertainment will be hosting the first Yu-Gi-Oh tournament event for the 2020 season this weekend in Tulsa, OK, the first of seven events scheduled for the year, which will also see the last Ultimate Duelist Series events.

After running for five years, the Ultimate Duelist Series (UDS) will end this year, with the last U.S. event in Tulsa, OK running from February 14 to 16.  All of the UDS perks will apply during this event, including free entry and VIP seating.  The final UDS Invitational will be held in Bogota at the end of the month.

This year’s Yu-Gi-Oh!  Championship Series (YCS) events will feature the new Advanced Format, which began on January 20.  Konami is also introducing a new tournament structure this year, doubling the number of invites for Central and South American events to 16, and changing from Single Elimination to a Swiss-style tournament structure.

All 2020 events, including the UDS this weekend, will also host public Tag Duel events in which two players compete in teams using a shared Life Point pool as well as Dragon Duel Tournaments for younger players.  Konami also plans to livestream event coverage at all Yu-Gi-Oh!  events this year.

The other events scheduled are the Team Yu-Gi-Oh!  Championship Series in Las Vegas (Feb. 22-23), the Ultimate Duelist Series Invitational South America in Bogota (Feb. 29-Mar. 1), the 225th Yu-Gi-Oh!  Championship Series in Rio de Janeiro (Mar. 14-15), and Yu-Gi-Oh!  Championship Series events in Charlotte, NC (Mar. 28-29), Hartford, CT (Apr. 18-19), and Pasadena, CA (May 23-24).

Last month, Konami began its third Lost Art Promotion for the game (see “Konami Launches 3rd ‘Yu-Gi-Oh!’ ‘Lost Art Promotion’”).  This week also sees the release of the Shaddoll Showdown deck (see “Shaddolls Return in ‘Yu-Gi-Oh!  TCG Structure Deck:  Shaddoll Showdown’”).