For the third year, Konami is offering a Lost Art Promotion in 2020 to give fans a chance to collect cards with artwork previously available only in Asia.

Similar to this year’s Lost Art Promotion (see “A New ‘Lost Art Promotion’ for ‘Yu-Gi-Oh!’”), the 2020 Lost Art Promotion will offer a different card each month in January, February, March, June, July, and August.  The cards will be available only through participating OTS stores with a minimum purchase of $30.00 worth of sealed Yu-Gi-Oh!  TCG products.  The promos will be available while supplies last.

This year’s offerings will include Foolish Burial, Super Rejuvenation, Edge Imp Sabers, Offerings to the Doomed, Super Dreadnought Rail Cannon Gustav MAX, and Solemn Judgment.  All six of the promo cards were previously released in other sets, and will be available with the original Asian artwork to the rest of the world for the first time.

In January, Konami will release the Ignition Assault booster set (see “‘Yu-Gi-Oh!  TCG:  Ignition Assault’”), followed by the Shaddoll Showdown Structure Deck in February (see “Shaddolls Return in ‘Yu-Gi-Oh!  TCG Structure Deck:  Shaddoll Showdown’”).