The Pokemon Company unveiled Sword & Shield: Rebel Clash, a new set for Pokemon Trading Card Game, on May 1.

Dozens Pokemon have recently been discovered in the Galar region, and are heading for their debut in the Pokemon Trading Card Game. This new set features16 Pokemon V such as Toxtricity V, Dubwool V, Boltund V, and Sandaconda V as well as 7 Pokemon VMAX which include the final Evolutions of the first partner Pokemon of Galar, Copperajah VMAX, and Dragapult VMAX. There will also be 15 Trainer, 4 full-art Supporter cards, and 4 new Special Energy cards. This set totals over 190 cards.

Sword & Shield: Rebel Clash will be available in booster packs, theme decks, Elite Trainer boxes, and special collections. Prerelease tournaments will take place on April 18 to April 26 at participating retail stores across the nation.  

The Pokemon Company will also be releasing the Pokemon TCG: Toxtricity V Box on February 27 (see "Toxtricity V Set to Rock 'Pokemon TCG'").

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