At Toy Fair, we asked a number of game publishers about the possible impact of the novel coronavirus outbreak on their supply chains and received remarkably similar answers, which didn’t do much to clarify the situation.  Things on which all game companies with manufacturing in China agreed:

  • There will likely be some impact on delivery dates for products that hadn’t shipped before the due to the coronavirus situation in China.  The New Year’s holiday, which was supposed to end on February 8, was extended for all factories, and factories are reopening at partial capacity, which is highly variable from factory to factory.
  • The impact is still unpredictable, as it’s still not clear when factories will be up to full operations.
  • In addition to manufacturing, shipping is likely to be impacted as ports are operating at partial capacity and key elements of logistics networks, including the location of containers, has been disrupted.

Impacts should clarify over the next few weeks as factories in China continue to ramp up and begin shipping to the U.S. again, publishers said.