At New York Toy Fair, Ultra Pro previewed the new entry-level Ascension:  Eternal set, scheduled to release in late summer.

Designed as an introduction for new players looking to get into the game, Ascension:  Eternal replaces the earlier Ascension Apprentice Edition (see “New ‘Ascension’ Products Planned”).  Ultra Pro’s Joshua Williams explained to ICv2 that the set was intended “to make sure that we have a good-quality product for people who are looking to get into the hobby to easily pick up.”

The Eternal set will include everything two players need to play the game, as opposed to the standard four-player format for most Ascension sets.  It features all of the core rules sets for Ascension.  MSRP is $20.00.

Ultra Pro took advantage of Toy Fair to also reveal other publishing plans for the year, including new accessories for Magic (see “Become Mythic with ‘Magic:  The Gathering’ ‘Mythic Edition Accessories’”), new board games (see “Ultra Pro Reveals ‘Burger Academy’ and ‘Jurassic Snack’”), and a new version of Killer Bunnies (see “‘Killer Bunnies’ Gets the Reboot”).